For your authentic personalized style, with contemporary inspirations

In the 2 Boards some ‘moods’ of the collection, an overall vision, favoring shades of single colour alternating with other chromatic choices of sober intimacy with relative contrast, as in the case of yellow … unusual material combinations, precious natural raw materials. A story, a working method, a creative and manufacturing ability in an interpretation of the world of knitwear, with captivating solutions and results, in an ironic desire for escape!

Working as a designer-artisan means investing in resources that make the difference: creative force, emotional work, curiosity and imagination. The products carry with them a history linked to those who designed them, to the materials, to the processes and to the craftsmen who made them. An attentive and cared service!
Today, having a vision is useful and important, even if things change quickly, communication consumes everything quickly and technology makes the present obsolete.

From the vision to the realization of a project, there is a ‘piece’ of way to go, knowing that we are taking on the responsibility of ‘doing in the best way’.

This is probably the most important project of my life to which I dedicate a lot of my energy, thoughts and resources.

I made the choice of presenting myself ‘online’ with my work, also determined by some considerations:

  1. the specificity of an audience, the space to reach more people on multiple channels and in multiple places, updating them directly in my ‘work in progress’, then considering the specificity of the personalized ‘tailor-made’
  2. determine the reasonable price, the price I want, (consistent with the laws of the market) not conditioned by the various steps in the sales process.

I’ll tell you about ‘the blanket’ through the images… you can browse through my proposals, downloading the Collection Catalog and the set catalog (2 PDFs).

For your possible choice, evaluate, reflect and write me, sharing your requests-doubts-curiosity, to understand what you want … are you the right person to meet my product?

A taste …

For some products you can still find me on e-commerce: Artemest and Pamono, for others, you can contact me at the email address:

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Collection catalog
Set catalog
coperte toni grigio bianco nero
coperte di design giallo nero

I invite you to discover some products from the knitted furnishing accessories collection, available in limited quantities.

I make a customized product in material, color, size.

Product delivery time: 4/5 weeks


Art. 1230 Jacquard in 3 colors: unique variant

dark gray + gray, medium + gray, light gray

Composition: 85% CO 15% WS

Measures: 165 x 185 cm

Weight kg. 1,150

€ 395 (not including VAT and shipping costs)


Art. 1210 7-color inlay, doubled (reverse) with 100% carded wool fabric, black color

Composition: 100% WO

Measures: 150 x 180 cm

Weight kg. 1,430

€ 530 (not including VAT and shipping costs)

The blanket, a simple and precious object! Enhance the environments in a dynamic contrast of colours and patterns, expression of an original style. An object that will make us feel good, in the name of relaxed moments in the awareness of a good ‘rest’


For the maintenance of the product during the season, take air and brush (the appearance of the ‘peeling’ is normal and is a characteristic in the use of the knitted fabric). In case of creasing, with due care, iron can be used, adapting it to the specific temperature.