The game dear to me continues, of geometric patterns in neutral green-gray tones, in extrafine merino carded wool with a silver lurex thread … I wanted to insert the illustrations with my ‘Checked + Stripes’ – ‘Sinous Lines’ blankets by Francesca Zoboli, from the book ‘I fiori blù’ that inspired me and that I found in harmony for patterns and nuances of colours

coperta roberta licini verde grigio
coperta roberta licini verde grigio
Coperte roberta licini grigio verde

DESIGN IS A QUESTION OF HEAD AND HEART: the magic of the project linked to talent in its expression, following a concept of beauty and solution: a functional emotion!


The role of the designer will be more appreciated over time, with the aim of helping to better live the spaces and the environment around us, from an aesthetic and concrete point of view. It is important to grasp the socio-cultural changes in real time. This particular moment has accelerated a series of processes: there will be more and more user attention, also a consequence of the economic contingency. We will buy less and better, favoring long-lasting, well-designed and produced objects, that they offer security and serenity.

Taking care of our home, consider it our authentic needs. The goal is to live in a house suitable for us, to give us what we need, when we need it. Every large or small house that is, must bring a difference, a specificity: it should look like us. A relationship with ourselves, our emotions, needs, with the people who share our living space. A careful observer will try to understand what makes it interesting: light, colour, atmosphere, a particular piece of furniture, some dear objects …

The difference of a living space in the quality of life also make it, the accessories, witnesses of something deeper than just the aesthetic function. Why do you go to certain objects as you go to certain people? A detail that attracts attention, that attracts the eye, that takes us emotionally and involves us for something …

If you can’t replace a piece of furniture, simply adding colour with an accessory can help make the room look more welcoming. We make the environment more comfortable and pleasant, perhaps with the presence of sofa cushions or a blanket on the armchair …

When furnishing the house, we seek advice and ideas from magazines, professionals and the haste or lack of time can lead us to pre-packaged solutions. It is important to focus on what we like, on what we would like, on what colours “are good” for us, what we need most. What makes us feel good? What is our priority?

Space for accessories, which should coexist in harmony with our aesthetic taste. Some aspects of our life deserve to be addressed with awareness: we attribute a more relevant value to the objects we choose.