i love color book libro

I found this good book ‘I Love Color’ (in Italian) by A. Starmer, dedicated to the choice of color to match in home furnishings (a mixture of taste-simplicity-clarity, in my opinion), in a beautiful Library in Bassano del Grappa, the ‘Palazzo Roberti’.

I Love Color

An excerpt from the book:

… The book is organized by colour theme. Each page offers exciting applications of the dye taken into consideration: from bright and strong shades to delicate and relaxing ones. You can happen to be immediately attracted to a group of colours or discover an unexpected combination… When working with colour you should never underestimate the setting of surfaces, textures, lights and shadows … The book refers in detail to the interaction with materials and finishes … there are colour bars that indicate the key ideas of the palette, showing you the best and most suggestive use.

libro I love color