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…one of my blankets in the B&B

Hi, I’m Federica, Sicilian by origin, Venetian by adoption.

This is how I usually introduce myself to customers and new suppliers when I talk about myself. I was born and raised in Sicily and I have always (and always stress) dreamed of living in Venice, even if only for a period of my life. Instead it has become my adopted city. I moved to study oriental languages ​​and at the end of my studies, after a series of beautiful coincidences and lucky events, a working period in the world of fashion retail and the meeting with Alberto, my partner, I realized that Venice was really the city ​​that I had always dreamed of and so here I am, with many ideas on my mind and the desire and determination to make something of my own, that would represent me and speak for me and why not, me too!

The idea of ​​opening a Boutique House in a city so extremely fragile and so subject to mass tourism stems from the fact that I believe it is fundamental to demonstrate that Venice needs, now more than ever, slowness, beauty and trust.

I approached interior design and styling thanks to Suite735. My previous work experiences were related to the world of fashion which has always been one of my great passions and just when I started designing the spaces of Suite735 a new incredible scenario, made once again of colors and fabrics, opened up in front of me.

Obviously, what could I be inspired by if not in Venice? I let myself be inspired by the lagoon, its sunsets, the magical foggy days, the color of the water in the canals. I wanted to represent Venice, woman, with a retro and timeless taste.

In Suite735 you can find my inspiration and my determination, I wanted something beautiful that surprised immediately; for this reason, I decided to cover the walls with golden wallpaper, then I used pinks and various shades of greens and greys to best represent my city. Finally, with brass I tried to give a touch of glamor and niche. Just in brass I chose to create, in fact, all the chandeliers in the common areas, and I entrusted myself to the inspiration and class of Flos lamps for Anastassiades to enrich the interior of the rooms.

I really only looked for what I liked and inspired me, without being influenced by particular preconceptions. Suite735 opened its doors three years ago now. I was lucky enough to meet many people and to enrich myself also with their stories, their stories. I understood, thanks to them that I had an important task, not only that of host but also of guide. Venice is not an easy city, although it is so easy to love it.

Ideally those who visit Venice should understand that it is not enough to see it but to discover and appreciate it, admiring every little detail. And surely a single visit is not enough to understand it. And I must say that I was very lucky because in recent years customers have returned to Suite735 many times, moreover the concept of Suite735 is Feeling at Home, just to feel at home.

I have many plans and dreams. And just a novelty is cooking. 735Store. Dedicated to Italian know-how, craftsmanship and contemporary design … Opening my own shop has always been one of my biggest dreams. I still remember when, during some interviews, I was asked where I saw myself in the next five years. Here, I saw myself inside my shop.

 I think it is essential to always remember that even the most difficult goals can be achieved with courage and determination. Change always starts with us, we are the change we would like to see in the world and I believe that now more than ever these considerations are very current, especially in such a difficult and complicated historical period.

I believe in beauty and I hope this can be a positive message, beauty is in each of us. We just have to find a way to get it out. I am very lucky and I am grateful for it. Not only because I do what I like to do, despite being so young but also because I have an extraordinary man next to me who has always supported and endured me …

I met Roberta and her creative flair in 2018. It was magical and extremely instructive for me to know her story, and I was definitely impressed by the knowledge about the product. In its blankets there is not only quality, comfort and beauty, but also knowledge. I can’t say which of his blankets I love most.

I like the ‘Diagonal Bands‘ blanket, warm enveloping soft, with austere geometries, softened with neutral tones: black and white (not trivial) with red and orange edges that give a pop touch. The quality of the product is impeccable. From his love for knitwear (and mine too) I decided to also buy the ‘Crossing‘ which I think is one of my favorites (see last photo attached). I love the color composition of magenta and plum, worked with the inlay technique, reminding me of my childhood home, the old knits and scarves handmade. Even for this blanket, the geometric detail makes the difference. I therefore found a high quality with the right price compromise. And although it may sound trivial and I will never tire of saying it, they are extremely hot. Thank you!

Federica Pappalardo
Dorsoduro 735/A – Venezia
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