coperte piegate - folded blankets

Change of management: from the ‘style-product-knitwear-fashion’ to the ‘knitted furnishing accessory’

5 years of a path that excites and involves! My adventure started with a wanted change of route, which considered a new choice (the previous, as fashion designer). A vision to be pursued and shared, with passion, competence and creative curiosity. The value of a project in the interpretation of new ideas! A ‘leading thread’ in creating ‘knitted accessories’ where the design concept redesigns in an original way, blankets and cushions. A pleasant experimentation of patterns-colours-matter through the study of an industrial production linked to a craftsmanship. Important note: the ‘customized’ customization with the use of a symbol-element: the extra fine carded merino wool…

‘Designer and made-to-measure’ in knitted blankets and cushions

A touch in the Designer, a vision as human and tailor-made wealth: what is beautiful, harmonious, pleasant to the touch and sight, remains desirable. To make a knitted blanket you need imagination, emotion, taste, talent, intelligence, knowledge, time, colour, matter and hands. Behind every job, made of details, we need to be human and machines, careful eyes, technical prowess, love for a job well done. Give life to an object that can make a life more pleasant.

Often a blanket is perceived as an ordinary object, forgetting how it can be an element with some connotations, expectations, associations. It brings with it a promise of warmth, protection, care. In life we ​​need a protective blanket, both physically, metaphorically and metaphysically. A companion of our silences, games, of simple well-being; a peaceful, safe refuge. In the world we are welcomed by a blanket…

coperte su poltrona - blankets on an armchair
blankets folded - coperte piegate

The design knitted blanket is important if:

  • you like to own a design object
  • you are interested in finding a solution with a furnishing complement
  • you want a blanket of value but functional
  • a precious gift for a ‘special’ person
    a ‘colour note with taste’ that illuminates your armchair or sofa
  • colour and heat to ‘pamper yourself’
    know that ‘your blanket’ is waiting for you to relax…
  • have a personalized blanket or cushion
    a product, which reflects your taste in home furnishing
  • you want and can cover ‘an old armchair’…
  • a new blanket: not an obvious ‘fabric plaid’ but an original knitted blanket
  • a beautiful (patterns, colours, material) and functional decoration item (to use)
  • a choice of product that you will appreciate even more over time
  • a blanket to live only or in company…
  • understand the economic value, consequence of a handicraft creative product
  • because you are demanding: a special blanket that goes beyond the fashions…

The blanket of design is not important if:

  • you are not an interested person for a particular value of furniture object
  • do not look for a design and quality object in the details
  • do not appreciate the special value that encloses a ‘obvious product’
  • you are looking for a blanket or cushion of a ‘famous luxury brand’ as status symbol!
  • you have a home that does not need an object, in your superfluous opinion
  • you have a cat and children ‘bright’…
  • you want a product with a cheap price
  • you want a ‘simply classic’ fabric blanket!
  • you think it’s a useless expense
  • you do not interest you in ‘tailor-made’ and personalization
coperta appesa - hanging blanket

Details to be emphasized…

I love my job with my clients, everyone deserves the best. The experience I want to give to my customers is to enter a boutique: a unique place, with a precise style and character, a place that few know, but where there is always a steaming teapot to take time to talk and smile in one place.
In a real boutique, two things count: customer care & attention to detail.
The first thing is to make every customer feel like a welcome, precious guest. The second, to underline what really makes the difference. Small, precious details. I try, huh? Then you let me know if I can.