Bianca Settemani

Bianca Settemani from ‘Ipotenusa al quadrato’

“You should, at least every day, listen to some songs, read a beautiful poem, see a beautiful picture, and, if possible, say a few reasonable words …”
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

… I think this maxim can be valid for every season and in several moments (I hope many) of our life!


Always remaining in the floral sphere (previous link The story of flowers 2), this time my curiosity was inspired by the imagination and technique of some setting images, where plants are the protagonists! Creative entrepreneurs of these particular jobs are:

Laura Garcia Servanti for the watercolor drawings

Sarah K. Benning for a contemporary embroidery


‘The history of trees and how they changed the way we live’

Browsed (illustrations) and liked (topics). Wanting to talk about the Green colour, the choice of the book dedicated to the world of some species of trees seems adequate, an alternative reading to the period and the summer heat … open the book to a random page (I happened to have the one with the Christmas, which with oak and beech, are my favorites)… maybe you will discover some news that may intrigue!

This time there will be a game test in Italian : Tibetan test

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Book 'The history of trees and how they changed the way we live'