Pure wool in a blanket, the real “evergreen” of home textiles

The study and research in the choice of yarns are linked to the needs of the final result of the product. The most versatile fibers that make up the yarn are natural and noble, warm and fresh (linked to seasonality). Pure wool in a blanket, the real "evergreen" of home [...]

Pure wool in a blanket, the real “evergreen” of home textiles2021-05-28T09:44:02+02:00

Spending more time at home

Collage of proposals by graphic-geometric pattern, made with natural fibers in wool-cotton-cashmere, light and warm, where the colour of neutral backgrounds is enriched by the brightness of golden yellow and silver gray, in a precious combination. The study and research in the choice of yarn are linked [...]

Spending more time at home2020-11-20T08:19:07+01:00

My blanket…

Style is a difference A way of doing A way of being done C. Bukowski, 'Style' Our life is sometimes in colour, sometimes in black and white but… with a presence of red! A lively, energetic blanket: colour and warmth with a geometric pattern. The desire [...]

My blanket…2021-06-24T11:29:50+02:00

An object of functional decoration …

Without revolutionizing the furniture, you can think of inserting some objects-accessories, with blankets and cushions that add or replace those present: new sensory experiences ... With my creations, I present to you the "made to measure", to adapt to "your needs": an exclusive product, with possible solutions to coordinate. [...]

An object of functional decoration …2021-06-24T11:28:39+02:00

New product ideas

The game dear to me continues, of geometric patterns in neutral green-gray tones, in extrafine merino carded wool with a silver lurex thread ... I wanted to insert the illustrations with my 'Checked + Stripes' - 'Sinous Lines' blankets by Francesca Zoboli, from the book 'I fiori blù' that inspired [...]

New product ideas2021-06-24T13:12:09+02:00

Home is the private place

Use of colour It starts from an idea that comes to life thanks to the combinations of colour and material. Games of colours that give personality to the environment, transmitting sensations to those who live it. The home is the private place, compared to the world, of everyday life. [...]

Home is the private place2021-04-22T09:46:17+02:00