Elegance is the ability to transform even what is unwanted in one’s eyes into something interesting to them

The experience I want to give to my customers is to enter ‘a unique place’ with a precise style and character. A virtual space that few people know, where there is always a steaming teapot waiting … Take time to talk, tell, smile … take a seat in a place, a little special! (pictured Collage: Fortnum & Mason teapot of cups + my knitted sample)

I expect welcome and precious guests, curious, with a desire for novelty, looking for something that makes the difference, in details, listening to their needs, solutions, advice, trying to meet the small expectations in their lifestyle …

… you go to certain objects as you go to certain people! We are attracted by a look, a voice that seems known to us, a detail that attracts our attention …

storia dei fiori di Azuma Makoto

This, and other images that I included in my first blog release, I took them from an article of ‘frizzifrizzi’ online visual culture magazine (which I recommend), the ‘history of flowers’, through a short film by Azuma Makoto, great Japanese artist of the floral world, capable of exploring the human psyche through flowers, where desire, love, joy and pain live in beauty in mystery… The story of flowers 2

Book Bed. Japanese artist Yusuke Suzuki has created a book-shaped children’s bed. Under one page you fall asleep, under the other you play and in the morning, as tradition in the east, the very thin bed rolls up to create space.