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— licini roberta —

about me

knitwear design and home stylist

Good design always carries a message… The product will shape us and our perfection of the world we live in, that is the real impact of tangible design…

Robeta LiciniA designer always has a strong point of view, and is inspired by the small things in everyday life such as mundane objects, things often seen in nature, and architecture. It’s inspiring to give a home a new life through the research of a particular object. I like a touch of sophistication while still having a minimalistic point of view with my designs. I like evoking emotion when people see my designs, and letting that emotion breathe much energy and excitement into the home. The home would have touches of excitement yet cozy and relaxing at the same time. My playful imagination enlivens the different shapes in the knitwear collection. I got started in designing by thinking about how to use the colours in living things in my blankets, to make them aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I also want to satisfy each person in how my designs look by making them comfortable and exciting at the same time. Using Italian items in my designs is my pleasure, because they reflect the contemporary elegance of Italy. They are also tailored to your needs with special attention to details. The harmony of all the little details will catch the eye of anyone who looks at it. The comfortable sensation to the touch will keep you wanting more of my designs. The creations will be great for home décor, for life in general, and because they are unique and timeless. My ideas for your designs will give you the best results. Small ideas can be a great way to convey great personality in designs.

”a little of history”…
Transform a personal passion , an interest into my own line of work
I have a notable background in the fashion field and I collaborated with important brands such a knitwear designer for both men’s and woman’s collections. My passion and aesthetic sense combined with my tecnical capabilities, gave me an edge in the industry and made me a unique asset in the world of knitwear. I started my own Brand ‘lr’ in 2013, with playfulness and imagination, I created a small knitting collection starring the blanket. The design and the materials research are realized in Biella (Piedmont, northern Italy), known all over the world for the production of high quality wool. The finishing process is made in Treviso (Veneto region) in a historic knitwear factory. I studied Fashion Design and attended the Academy of Costume where I fell in love with Art, especially 400’s and 900’s. My sources of inspiration can be found in nature and in graphic books of artists from the past.

In the home decor, the idea to develop the design concept and the definition of a full details specific style.
A support to be able to deepen the stylistic and decorative aspects that contribute  to the completion of an interior project created with awareness and competence. The identification of the choices that make up all the elements of the scene is important: design, materials, colors, furnishings, fabrics, tapestries, and last but not least the accessories.