My atelier…luxury design experience ‘made in Italy’: a way to add personality to a room!

…carefully selected yarns in punchy colours palettes. Bespoke design, solutions to clients with the highest expectations of quality, style, taste.


I also welcome trade collaborations and opportunities for small and large productions.

  Via Raffaello Sanzio, 9 | 13855 Valdengo (Biella) | Italy | 

Someone could say that knitwear blankets are just a game…
But they are much more.
You have to take them seriously.
And at the end if they are a loving game, play on…

The products are available to purchase from website.
If you wish to have information about the various products presented in the collection (sizes, materials, colors and prices), what is available in the warehouse or even ask for suggestions, you can write to the email address.
If you want to buy, you can contact me by email.
I’m present with some products in e-commerce: Pamono, Treniq, Eporta and Artemest. Thank you for your attention.
…People are inspired and captivated by beautiful styled spaces and by the image of the lifestyle they want!