From the idea of ​​a project, to the object, from the simple object, to the design object
5 Important words: home, object design, colour,taste, decor!

Quality design can turn your everyday decor object into a charming piece of furniture.
It is good to underline how the aesthetics and usefulness, essential characteristics of the product, are the elements that differentiate it.
Blankets that want to tell the pleasure of living the different seasons, savoring the desire to stay at home. A gift for you, offering the best, when unexpectedly gives us a little pleasure… a blanket ‘to live’ with a book, a cup of tea, some travel photos, perhaps on an old sofa or comfortably on your bed…

Quiet Moments

Sit back and savor the blanket
blankets and cushions
blankets and cushions
blankets and cushions

A taste of collection …
This page is dedicated to those who want to have a suggestion for a gift to dedicate to the love done, a man, a woman, a child, to the whole family, for an event as a wedding, a birthday and… to yourself!
A gift that will please those who own it, considering the three important elements that distinguish it: aesthetics, functionality, reliability. I am proud to present my collection products, by a selection of geometric and floral motifs alternated with a proposal for three-dimensional stitches, in neutral or bright tones and research into particular materials such as extra-fine Merino carded wool, mixed carded cashmere cotton, in addition to other proposals.
Finally, I emphasize the possibility of considering the “made to measure”, interpreting the customer’s needs.

I can confirm that the blanket is a useful object for all seasons: if it’s cold outside and you want a warmth to accompany you inside the house, there is the ‘double’ blanket in the winter version, in carded wool or cashmere blend, with ‘positive-negative’ design; in spring, when the house is fresh, you can choose the light blanket, made of cotton-cashmere. All finishes are hand made! A lifestyle in balance with something of “natural” … another accessory coordinated with the blanket is the cushion with colorful patterns, that can inspire you and delight your home, your living space…

My creations speak about something unconventional. I love colours, combinations and shapes, I want to give an aesthetic sense to the object and a meaning to the use of the product.

This page is dedicated to those who appreciate Italian craftsmanship, original design, custom-made details tailoring rest, personalized comfort.
Collection: discover the complete Product Gallery, following the idea to get the best result.

– The pieces that help you to recreate the place at home –