I can design and make a bespoke blanket for you, to create a useful answer to your needs…
A signed design service to create a fitting solution.
My goal is to leave you with a style object, in which the true value is not defined by pedigree and fashion, but rather by the fact that you create a unique and original piece…
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folded blanket
folded blanket

3 considerations…
-a- A beautiful bespoke decor accessory can give a beneficial influence on your life
-b- To be inspired by a special warm & soft plaid, for some cozy moments
-c- A special bespoke blanket with a tactile charme, taste, to entertain the different season, in a special atmosphere, by feeling the heat.
Last note (very important): washing can be done in the washing machine with the type of programming suitable for wool and delicate items or by dry cleaning.

‘I believe in wool’…
Wool is in fact a fabulous fabric, even in summer. All the extraordinary natural properties of the sheep veil make this fabric a real no-season. Merino wool: four Seasons. Even more than the other available varieties, it has the ability to adapt quickly to body temperature and therefore, if necessary, it can be very hot or very fresh. This type of wool is particularly sought because of its finesse, depending on the fact that the hair of a merino sheep is thinner than the coat of a common sheep. Generally, a fiber with a diameter of 20 microns or less comes from a merino sheep. This particular feature, summed up with the other qualities of common wool, makes it a very valuable fiber…

The quality of the product is analyzed in every stage of the knitting process. The sample study is done by the ‘programmer’ and then by the technician who executes the program using electronic machines. The ‘jacquard’ technique can be used for the various geometric designs with a double structure (multicolored reversible blanket) or with the inlay technique where the yarn ceases according to the color of the design (so that it can be lighter.)
It is important for me to have a hand finish on each product. What is also important is the washing process as it defines how the final product will look and that it is done by a good hand. The final result is determined by the mastery of Italian industrial craftsmanship, passion, good taste, and great technical skills.

In order to realize a bespoke blanket or cushion order, material, colour and size will be necessary.
If you want to build a new exclusive design, there will be additional costs for the realization of a technical program.
Delivery of custom made products in 4 weeks.