Colour sings to you
Colour is such a marvelous way of expressing emotion
Colour just brings a little bit of joy into lives

Never do without some extra style in your life!
An accessory studied for your home-shelter, where you can recharge and relax.
…And still colours impress the mind; they surround us and remain in our memories. They clearly express new and personal meanings by a spontaneous match of ideas or connections. The colour is like a bolt of lightening in an object to be loved. According to Jung they are our subconscious mother tongue.
Let me show you my love story with colours…

… BLANKETS! Keyword in the creation of a decorative object of the knitwear collection in many colours…
Inspiring spark: the place where you live. ‘lr’ of Roberta Licini is a small HOME DECOR brand. A creative project in motion, capable of expressing style and trend mixed with technical skills: an original way of interpreting a classic blanket and plaid, besides cushions, tableware and small rugs. Experience developed in years of handcraft vocation in the form of working with jacquards and intarsia that combine shapes and colours with a strong visual impact. A special attention for natural and precious materials: a light and warm 100% merino carded wool, wool/cashmere, cotton/cashmere, cotton, a unique PRODUCT that is custom designed according to the Italian standards of taste. My purpose is to find the harmonious element connected to the aesthetic sense, with the knowledge that details make the difference in bespoke pieces. The aim of brand ‘lr’, is to develop an exclusive concept of contemporary elegance. New ideas for home decoration, real expressions of lifestyle, unique timeless pieces and bespoke creations, Made in Italy.

blankets on chair
blanket crossing

A new modern small Brand for an original and fresh knitwear design collection of blankets, cushions… the importance of the decor Brand in creating and giving an experience in the Colour, Texture, Pattern, with seductive simplicity effect.
In the ‘lr’ robertalicini collection you can find passion for taste, design, colour, knitwear technique and decor.
The products hold beauty artistic value, knowledge and care with special taste.
The Blanket is cleverly designed to optimise its laid back and is elevated by stylish materials and vibrant colours.
The goal of the collection is to propose to the customer and let him choose the style, the material, the colour, which best represent him. The best solution for the type of need.
A vision of how can be very interesting: look forward! Happy design…
The designer Roberta Licini is available for new projects, consulting, bespoke by decor contents: a refined taste to a house corner, armchair, sofa, bed… you can propose your particular drawing, a motif of wallpaper, texture, we can recreate and coordinate them in a blanket, a cushion, a small rug, a placemat, a runner… take an exclusive contemporary look!


… the idea of this project was born as a reinterpretation of an accessory that defines and dresses the interiors of the house in an original way and with attention to details.

Yarn, noble and delicate fibres such as extrafine merino carded wool. A soft and warm touch.

Balanced proportion, with prestigious materials, innovative designs and processing in knitting techniques.

All these elements end up in a sensorial, visual and tactile experience.

A lovely piece of craftmanship to be cozy

A corner of your house decorated with the geometric shapes and vivid colours of a jacquard blanket.

The yarn runs along a geometric design: the representation of a pattern of moving lines.

Ideas expressed in free association of lines and geometric figures.

A playful spontaneity of mixing colours
trasmitted in a visual harmony.

Relax into colours, dare!

An accessory full of character
a real showpiece.

A fascinating image that tells a story, to be studied in the details of the knitting tecnique.

Enjoy a comfy piece in lovely fabrics…

Brand… ‘lr’ Roberta Licini designer
Collection… blanket, cushion, rug, fan Italian experience
design… free from the glamour taste, capable of expressing style and quality
protagonist… original patterns and techniques made with intarsia, jacquard and stitch points
colours…  a playful spontaneity in mixing colours that convey a visual harmony
yarns… noble and delicate fibers such as extra-fine merino, carded wool, wool-cashmere, cotton-cashmere and cashmere with a soft and warm  touch
my vision: to transmit a choice of creative style that defines the interior of a house in an original way, where the ideas take form in free associations of soft lines and geometric shapes.
My wish is… a way to interpret the reality…or a dream
my mission is… to simplify what is complex
the worth… to give attention to an emotional aesthetic expectation
the inspiration… something that gives me a beautiful emotion
the mood… sober and essential
transference… from the classical concept of blanket  as a piece of artwork, that combines innovation with a practical solution, to which a great deal of attention was given.